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Discover your child's new favorite swing set! We have many customizable options for swing sets with tube slides at Gorilla Playsets. Not only can you customize the playset itself, but you can choose from four unique types of tube slides. Each one has the classic twists and enclosed top that you expect from a tube slide! And we build them with safety in mind first. Browse our swing sets with tube slides now.

Swing Set with Tube Slide

Jumpstart your kid’s imagination with an outdoor wooden playset with slide from this bold collection! For growing kids there is no better way to keep them engaged and learning than by giving them a set that is as fun as they are. That’s why every set in this list features a tube slide and much more to let them play anyway they please!

Adventure Big & Small

No matter if it’s something a bit more space conscious like the Outing or a top-tier play experience with the Empire Extreme, everything on offer provides unparalleled backyard excitement. For the runners, the climbers, the sliders and the afterschool adventurers, there is sure to activity to fit the way your kid likes to play. Whether it’s slides, swings, rock walls or the sandbox, all our swing sets with tube slides are fitted with fun activities for years of fun!

Why a Tube Slide?

These playground sets for the backyard are perfect for kids who want a bit more excitement with their outdoor activity. With the included tube slide in each of these sets your kid will have a great way to build confidence and have loads of fun doing it! Be it with a friend or by themselves these slides offer long-lasting excitement you’re your kid and all their friends!

What if my kid isn’t ready for the Tube Slide? There are still plenty of other great activities to keep them busy as they grow and get ready for the challenge. For the more creative kids why not try the sandbox for a little beachside sand sculpting? For the resident climber the rock wall, monkey bars, and swings are the perfect ways to help them ascend new heights! Also, for the kids who just want a cool spot to chill with friends, choose an outdoor wooden playset with slide that has a lower-level clubhouse for the ultimate backyard getaway.

Plenty of Options

Best of all, these sets come in a variety of roof types and color options so that you can discover the set that best fits your unique style. Choose between tarp or wood roofing, a treehouse design or something more open. There are myriads of ways to create your ideal swing set with tube slide! Additionally, all our sets are made from premium cut cedar wood and high-quality, certified plastics to ensure a completely safe outdoor play experience.

Take advantage of this chance to transform your kid’s outdoor play with an exciting playground set right in their own backyard! No matter their sliding experience, they’ll love sliding down the tube slide and enjoying everything else these sets have to offer. Browse this great collection today!