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Swing Set Add Ons

Create an outdoor oasis right in your own yard with our wide collection of must-have swing set add-ons and accessories! These interactive items will keep your kids and their friends busy all day while making play more accessible. They are perfect way to bring all the fun of the park or beach right to your own backyard!

Make Play Your Way!

Sandbox - Want some beachside fun without the travel? Why not try our classic interlocking sandbox? It doesn't matter if you are grandparent or parent, a sandbox will keep the kids entertained for hours and release your child's creativity. Before you know it, a castle with a moat around it will have sprung up in the sandbox. For and even fancier option you will love our Play-Zee-Bo Covered Sandbox with its sophisticated style and protection from the sun.

Swings Are a Must Have - Who doesn’t love a good swing set? Whether it’s for a few minutes before bed or a few hours on the weekends, swings offer the unique brand of fun that keeps kids coming back! Swings & sing set gliders help keep kids both active and fit. Children of all ages like love them and it’s the perfect way of "discharging" some of that childhood energy.

Fun Swing Set Add Ons For Summer Play – Already have a playset you love? Why not make it even better by throwing fun add-ons into the mix? From monkey bars to tire swings we have plenty of options to fit kids of all ages! Monkey bar sets are great for building fitness and adding a bit of challenge, while tire swings offer fun swinging action for everyone to enjoy. Also, don't forget about the Sky Loft for when you want to add a whole new dimension to your set!

Time to Cool Down? We Got You Covered! – Every playdate comes to an end eventually. Make sure your yard is ready with a wooden toy chest to safely store toys, towels, shoes, and much more. Did all that playtime work up an appetite? Our Child’s Picnic Table is the perfect place for a healthy meal and the added umbrella looks great while blocking the sun.

With so many fun additions to choose from you won’t want to wait to make your backyard the new hot spot for outdoor fun. Whether it’s sandboxes, swing set gliders or anything else, these swing set add-ons and accessories are great for your own yard or as a gift. Discover the perfect one today!