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Swing Set Tarps

Start the season off right with a brand-new swing set tarp for your backyard playground set! When it comes to outdoor play your kids deserve the best. So why not go beyond regular play by sprucing up the wooden playground set with a tarp that is fashionable and sturdy?

Safe & Comfortable!

The last thing you want is a playset that’s uncomfortable. That’s why these swing set tarps are designed to be soft, breathable, and well ventilated. They can easily transform a muggy play deck into a fun open space that’s perfect for those hot summer days or cool spring breezes.

Also, since they are UV protected your kids can play all day long all while staying protected from the sun. Not only that, but these swing set tarps are made from a hearty material that is both flame-retardant and waterproof. They easily resist fading and will help keep your kids dry, even when the weather gets cloudy. With the right swing set tarp, you can be sure your next playdate will be a hit!

EZ on/EZ Off

Our swing set tarps are made with Velcro tabs for easy attachment and are designed to fit a wide range of backyard playground sets, so you can rest assured that they will fit your set perfectly. They make replacing your existing tarp a breeze and are super convent no matter if it’s your first time or your fifth! With these you won’t have to worry about loose ties or insecure locks. Go with the tarp that is guaranteed to be reliable and that promotes long-lasting fun.

Loads of Options

With our wide selection of replacement canopies, you are sure to discover the perfect one to fit your style and individual set. Whether you have the Ozark, the Highpoint, or anything in-between, let us be your number one spot for all your background playset needs. Some tarps even come in multiple colors and designs so you can add some personal flare!

Is your playset ready for a whole season of outdoor fun? Make sure your wooden playground set is up to the task with these high-quality tarps and make this year the most fun yet!