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Playset with Sandbox

Every child loves a beach day! Why not bring the most creative part of it right to your own backyard? Sand offers incredible opportunities for kids of all ages to explore, use their hands, spark their creativity, use their imagination, and have a blast with friends. Outdoor play sets and play structures don't have to be simple and boring. You can bring life, imagination, curiosity, and laughter with activities in the sandbox. With so many options to build, play and create a playset with sandbox is the perfect activity to help your child flourish.

Heavy Duty & Convenient

It is important to care for the sandbox after playtime is over. This means putting a sandbox cover on when it's not in use. All our covers are composed of heavy-duty, durable material, are weather-resistant and ideal for all climates. Furthermore, each one is UV and mildew protected. They are available in multiple sizes to perfectly fit your sandbox. Not only that, but they also feature secure stainless-steel snaps on the edges of the cover for ultimate convenience, while the snug fit prevents mildew and other bacteria from growing. We strive to keep your backyard clean and tidy while offering the maximum level of fun for your young ones.

The laminated mesh material works well to keep out insects, debris, and other weather elements. The cover is 8 ounces and made of thick, durable fibers. Bring exploration, adventure, and creativity to your backyard with a sandbox cover that’s both durable and fun. If you are ready to ignite your child's imagination, browse our sandbox accessories.