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Backyard Playground Slides

Change your yard into an exciting outdoor play space with one of our quality playset slides! Kids are meant to be active, and what better way to keep them engaged and growing than by opening their outside experience some fun sliding action? That’s why at Gorilla Playsets we aim bring all the enjoyment of an afternoon at the park right to the backyard!

The Main Attraction

While there is a ton of fun to be had with a quality set, often the main event for most kids is the playset slide. And can you blame them? It’s hard to beat the classic joy of climbing up the backyard playground and flying right back down with the wind in your face. Whether it’s for the first time or the 50th it’s the kind of fun that never gets old!

Best of all, slides are an engaging way to spend time with family and friends. From slow weekends building courage with the Turbo Tube Slide, to quick afterschool runs down the Speedwave Slide with friends, these different slides offer vast stages of excitement for your kids.


Moreover, these make for the perfect playset slide replacement. Whether your old slide is showing signs of age, or you are looking for a great new addition to add to the fun, we have plenty of options to fit your needs!

Is your kid growing fast? You may consider the Super Summit Slide as a playset slide replacement with its 5' deck height. It’s great for growing kids who still want to enjoy playing outdoors. Also, the tube and tunnel slides are perfect for your adventurous kids. With these covered slides, kids can feel the dizzying dip downwards as they slide through the dark. If your backyard playground has a 7' deck height, the Turbo Tube Slide and Super Tube Slide are perfect for your outdoor playground.

For kids who aren’t quite ready for that kind of excitement but still want in on the timeless sliding fun, our selection of wave and scoop slides are the perfect choice. Made with sloped walls for a good grip, youngsters will have a great time sliding while also building their physical fitness!

With life constantly changing you need a fun, simple way to make your kids backyard playground experience more engaging. From our wide collection of slides you can be sure to discover the slide that’s perfect for the way you play!