When adding installation through Gorilla Playsets™, you will be assigned a Gorilla Playsets Order Specialist. This Specialist will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your order. They will also coordinate directly with the installer, while keeping you informed of the status every step of the way. Installation cost includes most locations throughout the contiguous United States. For the rare case of remote locations, an additional mileage charge may apply. Allow roughly 1-3 weeks from ship date to installation.

Please note that delivery of your swing set will occur by common carrier. The driver will unload your swingset curbside, usually where your driveway meets the street. The carrier will call you for an appointment so that you can be there to accept and sign for the swing set. Our Gorilla Playsets Order Specialist will do their best to coordinate the installation within 5 days of delivery to your home. Please know that unforeseen circumstances such as the mechanical abilities of the carrier and/or weather related issues can alter the time between delivery and installation.

Selecting a Site:

  • Select a site in your yard that is level and free of rocks, stumps, tall grass, trees, and other protrusions.
  • Site preparation must be complete prior to the installation date.
  • Select a site that has good drainage and does not collect water. Swing sets installed in areas of poor drainage will void product warranty.
  • ASTM Guidelines recommend a 6 foot safety zone around your entire play set. Add this safety zone to the dimensions shown for the Gorilla Play Set model you are purchasing. Also make sure that there are not any overhead protrusions such as tree branches. Refer to the height of respective play set on our website.

Installation Terms & Conditions:

  • Installation includes ground leveling up to 6 inches ONLY where the set contacts the ground. It does not include total site leveling or other site preparation.
  • Any additional ground leveling or site preparation needed to install the swing set will result in additional costs payable directly to the installer at the time of installation.
  • Pictures of your yard may be necessary to help ensure that the installer is not surprised by anything out of the ordinary. Pictures should be sent to Support@GorillaPlaysets.com .
  • The homeowner must provide access to electricity within 150 feet of installation site or additional charges will apply.
  • Homeowner is responsible for obtaining any Homeowners Association approval that may be required.
  • Please be aware that all installation dates are tentative due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, such as inclement weather.
  • We require that you or an adult representative at least 18 years of age be home during the installation. This individual must have the authority to authorize correct placement of the swing set and to make decisions or answer questions that may arise. Moving the swing set after installation will result in additional charges.
  • Homeowner will keep children away from the work area until the installer gives the OK to start playing.
  • Homeowner will keep all dogs inside or leashed away from the work area until the installer leaves the property.
  • Homeowner will be responsible for any sprinkler system components that will interfere with the installation of the swing set. Installer will not be responsible for damage to sprinkler system components located within the designated work area.
  • The installer will condense all packaging materials and place them in or near your trash bins.