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The Gorilla Playsets Sky Loft Add-On is an addition your children will love! Climb to new heights with this loft that attaches to the compatible roofs of the swing sets listed below or find a playset that already has the sky loft included. Our sky loft comes with the following features: a Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner Panel, a pair of Safety Handles, a telescope with compass, and two yellow flags. Browse our swing sets and purchase a sky loft add-on today!

The Sky Loft Add-On is compatible with the Standard Wood Roof, Standard Wood Roof w/ Treehouse Add-On, & Standard Wood Roof w/ Treehouse Add-On roof types on the sets below. (Or purchase separately if you already have a swing set!)

Wooden Swing Sets with Sky Loft

At Gorilla Playsets we hold all our sets to a higher standard of quality and fun. We believe they should inspire, motivate, and most of all uplift. That’s why in this list you’ll find all our sets that are compatible with the Sky Loft add-on so your kids can reach new heights and have fun doing it!

Customize The Way You Play

Don’t settle for just any old playset. Choose one that fits your needs! From big to small, wood to vinyl, and with a wide selection of play options you are sure to find the right set to accommodate your outdoor space

The play swing sets come with swings, slides, ladder, playhouse, and loft-type decks that have great functionality and are intended for your gardens, backyards, and lawns. Your children can have their own little theme park at your home through these wooden playsets with playhouse where they can have a blast all day long while building core motor skills. The wooden playsets with playhouses are designed to cater kids of any size, shape, or weight. These are super safe, securely assembled and fastened for your kid's worry-less enjoyment, fun, and excitement.

Safety Is Key

Speaking of which, the materials are made from highly durable manufactured materials to create a clean, weather resilient wooden playset with playhouse your young ones. Give your kids the best for their childhood memories and see them in their happiest moments. These are long-lasting play swing sets that are ready for play any time of year! Having a playset should always be a fun, safe experience. That’s why no matter which wooden swing set you choose you can be confident that everything is quality and will deliver worry-free play.

No matter the season anytime is a good time to give your kid a shiny new wooden swing set. Since all these sets are compatible with the Sky Loft add-on, they can have even more fun feeling like they are on top of the world! Whether it’s as a gift or for no reason at all, don’t miss this great opportunity for some outdoor excitement with our high-quality play swing sets!