Playtime Preferences: What Your Child's Favorite Playset Feature Says About Them

Playtime Preferences: What Your Child's Favorite Playset Feature Says About Them

May 22nd 2023

As a parent, you likely spend a lot of time observing your child and their favorite places to play. It's fascinating to see how each child has a unique approach to playtime based on their personality and interests. Identifying their favorite playset element could be instrumental in helping to figure out how to encourage more time outdoors for a better playtime experience. After all, while encouraging any playtime is important for your child’s development, outdoor playtime is crucial.

Selecting play space equipment that aligns with a child's personality and interests promotes engagement, skill development, confidence, and imagination. This positively impacts their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Here's a look at the features to look for in playset equipment based on your child's approach to playtime. 

Climbing Wall

If your child is drawn to the climbing wall, it may indicate that they have a creative and adventurous spirit. Climbing involves problem-solving, and even if your child is more interested in being up in the air than figuring out how to get there, they are constantly confronted with obstacles they choose to interact with instead of avoiding. This shows incredible resilience, a can-do attitude, and a daring and creative way of playing. Your child may also enjoy other decision-making-based features, such as the monkey bars and tic-tac-toe, as these are all about overcoming obstacles.

If you want to add a climbing wall to your kids' play area, check out our Rockwall Add-On Hardware-Only Kit. Its bright and colorful design will surely attract children's attention and encourage them to engage in active play. The wall's sturdy construction ensures safety while providing a challenging climbing experience, promoting physical strength and coordination. It's also perfect for social interaction and teamwork, boosting confidence and self-esteem among children.


If your child loves playing Tic-Tac-Toe, it shows that they have a curious mind and may have a knack for critical thinking. This brain teaser feature requires strategic curiosity. Your child may even enjoy noticing Buddy spin round and round on the yellow spinning blocks while they are putting their mind to the test. They may also enjoy other cerebral activities like the climbing wall or playing games on the swing set like "I Spy." These activities will help exercise their mind and body simultaneously.

Our Tic Tac Toe Spinner Panel will add a fun and engaging activity to any play area. The panel features a classic tic-tac-toe game with a twist: a spinner that adds an element of surprise and strategy to the game. Made with durable and high-quality materials, this panel is perfect for outdoor play and will withstand the elements. The bright and colorful design is eye-catching and attractive to children, encouraging them to develop social skills, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking.

Swing Set

More than anything else, enjoying the swings the most shows that your child is likely a big dreamer with an imaginative inner world and can be very independent. Swinging is usually a solitary activity, giving your child plenty of time to subconsciously take in the world around them and internalize a lot of information about their own feelings early on in life.

This activity may lead to a lot of ambition and a keen understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Therefore, they will naturally also enjoy features like the slide and monkey bars, as they are activities that require an individualistic approach.

Try the Homestead Swing Set for a thrilling and safe outdoor experience for your kids. With its sturdy construction, multiple swings, and exciting features like a rock wall and slide, this set is perfect for kids to enjoy physical activity and social interaction in their own backyard.


If your child's favorite activity is playing on the slides, they have a classic sensibility. Playground slides were invented over 100 years ago and are still popular today! Indeed, there's no playtime thrill that surpasses moving down a slide. Your child is likely easygoing and cheerful, full of life and whimsy. This is a child who takes life as it comes and delights in experiencing the world around them. Other favorites include swinging on the swings and the climbing wall.

Check out this Olympus Slide for a thrilling and safe outdoor play experience. This vibrant green slide features a unique 2-piece design that minimizes seams, a wide and smooth ride, and durable construction that can withstand the elements. Perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy endless hours of outdoor fun.

Monkey Bars

If the monkey bars are your child's absolute favorite, they are not afraid of a challenge and are likely the bravest kid on the playground. Monkey bars are about strength and perseverance and will likely take much more practice and courage than any other playground feature. This kid is fearless! They may also enjoy the climbing wall or competitive swing games to stimulate that dauntless morale.

The Outing swing set with monkey bars is a perfect addition to any backyard. With multiple swings, a rock wall, a slide, and monkey bars, kids can enjoy physical activity and social interaction, all while building strength, coordination, and balance. The set's sturdy construction ensures safety and durability for years of outdoor fun.

Make Believe & "All of It" 

If you ask your child and they say, "my favorite is... all of it," or perhaps they are more interested in the make-believe aspects of play than the actions themselves, this shows your child has a big imagination and is very adaptable. These adaptable kids can have fun just about anywhere and will likely enjoy slides, swings, and tic-tac-toe because they provide a variety of activities.

Wrap up!

No matter what your child's favorite way to spend time playing on their play set, they must have access to as many forms of play as possible. These activities teach foundational skills, including social and sensory development, strength, and coordination. Encouraging creative play and ensuring your child is having fun outside is important. With the play set equipment with features that encourage kids to think, innovate, and even team up, there's no limit to the fun they can have outdoors.

At Gorilla Playsets, we offer a wide range of backyard playsets to keep your child entertained and engaged. From outdoor swing sets to wooden playsets, we have it all. Check out our playsets featured right now on our website to discover all the fun your child can start having in your backyard today!