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Backyard Play Extras

Every backyard needs the right add ons and accessories to maximize the fun! Our swing set accessories are the perfect addition to any one of our models. You receive honest, expert craftsmanship that Gorilla Playsets is known for. Everything from our 24" rope ladder to our window kit will enhance playtime and make the experience extra special. Most importantly, our add ons are easy to install and DIY. We ensure the finest quality for your backyard play structures.

Accessories That Match You

Our accessories always match the design aesthetic used throughout the set. This ensures your entire set (including installed accessories and add ons) will look cohesive and well put together. Not only is the playset a bounty of fun, but it also looks amazing with your backyard decor. Thanks to our high-quality construction and exquisite Cedar wood, each set is crafted to last year after year.

For example, our solar wall light allows your child to play with maximum visibility, even after the sun goes down. The bright white light comes with a dimmer and timer for customization. The lights are so powerful, they provide 100 square feet of visibility after dark. The LED lights will come on automatically at dusk. It charges in sunlight and requires no wiring for installation. With these lights the fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s dark out. Whether they are having a blast on a see-saw for swing set or just enjoying some night air with the family, let our lights put a shine on any occasion!

Another great swing set accessory is our clatter bridge mesh panels. To ensure your child's safety while on the bridge, the mesh panels help keep them steady without the worry of falling. This helps give you as a parent confidence while they explore with excitement. They easily add hours of extra adventure to your playset and are perfect for your more adventurous kids.

These are just the beginning of our extensive add-on collection. Bring playtime to the next level by choosing an item that best fits your play needs. If you're ready to offer your child fun new adventures with their playset, browse our unique collection of kid-friendly add ons to make your next playdate a success.