Our Top 5 Large Playsets

Our Top 5 Large Playsets

Aug 10th 2023

Size is an important aspect of playsets. Not only do larger playsets offer more space for exploration and play, but they also offer more opportunities for imagination and creativity at the same time. For example, they can pretend to be astronauts, pirates, knights, etc., and engage in more physical activity. Larger playsets are ideal, especially for families with multiple children; each child will have a place to spread out and enjoy their own space. That is why we are excited to showcase our top 5 largest wooden playsets!

Wilderness Retreat Swing Set

With two towers, two slides, a rock-climbing wall, four swings, and a sandbox, you can see why the Wilderness Retreat Swing Set is our largest playset yet. It's perfect for families with multiple children of all ages. And what's even more advantageous is that it doesn't have a huge footprint. It measures only 27 ft wide by 20 ft deep, by 13 ft high, even with the tunnel slides, decks, tower, rock-climbing wall, and swings included as well.

The playset works for kids of all ages. The chalkboard and built-in tic-tac-toe panel are great for artistic kids who love to draw and play. Meanwhile, the jumbo binoculars, steering wheel, and play telescopes are for the imaginative kids who want to play pretend-pilots, pirates, astronauts, etc. On the other hand, the thrill-seeking kids have places to swing or climb while enjoying the trapeze swing, belt swings, or ladders as well.

The swing beam offers 3 positions, so you can try different swing styles. The clatter bridge is a nice addition. It connects the two decks to the tower, giving children additional space to both climb and stand. There's also a tree house featuring a tongue and groove roof. It covers the upper deck partially, providing a shady spot for kids to relax and get away from the sun.

This playset is made from cedar and finished in a beautiful amber color. The package includes all necessary installation hardware and a step-by-step installation guide. We recommend applying a sealant every 90 days for a long lifespan. There's a 10-year warranty on the lumber and also 1 year on the accessories!

Treasure Trove 2 Swing Set

The Treasure Trove 2 Swing Set is another fantastic option for parents with multiple children. It combines two decks, a tower, swings, three slides, a rock-climbing wall, a ladder, and a sandbox into one swing set perfect for any yard. It is perfect for kids who love to explore. With a smorgasbord of features to explore, you can be sure your children will never experience a second of boredom on this playset.

It measures 27 feet wide, 13 feet high, and 28 feet deep and is recommended for 39 feet wide by 39.5 feet deep play area. The two decks are 5 and 7 feet tall to ensure ample room for kids to enjoy themselves. They are joined to a tower via a clatter bridge, providing an extra play space.

There is plenty of ways to get around the set. They can do so via the rope ladder, rock wall, or the three slides. The slides are suitable, especially for younger kids who like to crawl, slide or pull themselves up. We provide an Alpine Wave Slide, a Turbo Tube Slide, and a Commercial Grade Super Scoop Slide. There's also a picnic table and built-in sandbox area where kids can relax, enjoy a meal or engage in creative arts and crafts. Meanwhile, older kids can take part in wall or ladder-climbing activities.

This swing set also features a tic-tac-toe panel, a play telescope, a steering wheel, two powerful belt swings, and a trapeze bar. The swing bar and handles are plastic coated for UV protection and keep things cool even in the sun.

Overall, the Treasure Trove 2 is a great all-in-one swing set for families with multiple kids. You can get it with the standard wood roof, treehouse style, or a green vinyl canopy. It ships with all the required hardware and installation instructions. Apply sealant every 90 days to improve lifespan. There's a 10-year warranty on the lumber and 1 year on the accessories!

Empire Swing Set

This massive all-in-one play set is designed to fit in any backyard. With features like alpine slides, decks, steering wheel, and monkey bars, it's sure to become a hit with children of all ages. It measures only 27 feet wide by 21 ft deep by 13 feet high and is finished in a beautiful amber color. The three decks are covered with tongue and groove wood roofs and feature solar wall lights.

This playset is perfect for kids who love to play all day. There are plenty of ways to get around it. The UV-protected super scoop and alpine wave slides will provide a memorable experience. The scoop and wave design enables comfortable, fast-action fun. It feels like drifting down a snow-covered hillside.

On the other hand, the turbo slide is for those who are after some twisting and turning fun. The monkey bars and rock wall are perfect for those who love to climb. The former features heavy-duty metal rungs, while the latter comes with a climbing rope. Unlike the above-reviewed sets, the Empire doesn't feature climbing ladders.

However, like the rest, it includes a trapeze swing and two belt swings, a picnic table for relaxing, playing games, or enjoying meals, and a built-in sandbox area for digging up treasures or building sandcastles.

For those with some sense of creativity, the tic-tac-toe panel, chalkboard, jumbo play binoculars, play telescope, steering wheel, and grab handles will be a huge hit. There's also a semi-enclosed clubhouse perfect for escaping from the world to relax or play. It's covered by tongue and groove wood roofs that include a fancy chimney, sunbursts, and dormers. The package comes with all the necessary installation hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. There's a 10-year warranty on the lumber and 1 year on the accessories!

Everest Elite Swing Set

The Everest Elite is a great option for parents looking for a luxurious swing set for their kids. These designs combine towering layouts, multiple play levels, swings, slides, and creative play options for children across the board.

Kids who love challenging stuff will love the Everest Elite. It has a ton to offer, from slides to a rock wall, a monkey bar, swings, a picnic table, a sandbox area with corner seats, a tic-tac-toe panel, a play telescope, jumbo binoculars, a steering wheel, and a chalkboard. It also features three play decks connected to a watch tower via a clatter bridge with mesh panels. There's a semi-open clubhouse with two working windows.

Tongue and groove wood roofs with a chimney, sunbursts, and dormers complete the look. This playset is designed for children of all ages and comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the lumber and a 1-year warranty on the accessories.

Empire Extreme Swing Set

The Empire Extreme is another good luxurious alternative. Like the Everest Elite, it combines three decks and a tower connected via a clatter bridge with mesh panels. The space under the tower can serve as a sandbox play area, but there is a special built-in sandbox area with corner seats for kids to enjoy digging for treasures, building castles, and more.

Other features include a picnic table for tea parties or actual meals, three slides, a rock wall with climbing rope, swings, a tic-tac-toe panel, a play telescope, binoculars, a steering wheel, a chalkboard, and a lower-level semi-open clubhouse. 

The design also includes monkey bars with sturdy metal rungs for kids to engage in stretching, balancing, and upper-body strength training activities. Plus, just like with our other playsets, there's a 10-year warranty on the lumber and 1 year on the accessories!


When it comes to families with multiple children, it's imperative to have a big enough playset to accommodate each child. Our top 5 largest playsets combine towering layouts, multiple play levels, steering wheels, rock walls, swings, slides, monkey bars, picnic tables, sandbox play areas, and various other play options allowing every child to fulfil their playtime needs and stay excited.

They are made from high-quality cedar, making them some of the most durable outdoor playsets on the market. Above all, we offer a long warranty on the lumber to make the investment much more worthwhile. Look at the swing sets mentioned above or visit our products page for the best outdoor playsets!