Tips On Making Your Swing Set Safe

Tips On Making Your Swing Set Safe

Jan 17th 2023

A parent's number one concern is their children's safety. There are other high-ranking priorities, such as providing food, clothes, and shelter for their kids - but safety comes first, and it's one of the biggest challenges when raising a child. For that reason, it's reasonable for parents to have safety on their minds when shopping around for a new swing set. These structures provide a lot of fun for kids: they get to climb, slide, swing, and more. It's important that kids do all these things - and do so safely. A safe playset is a perfect place for a kid to have fun while they develop motor skills, muscles, and more. However, with so many options how can you know what to choose? There's no need to worry; we'll help you find the safest playset possible. All you have to do is follow our guide below. 

Pick an adaptable playset

Every set we offer is designed for kids aged 3 to 11 years old and makes play both fun and accessible throughout childhood. Take our Basic Swing Set: it comes with two swings and a trapeze bar - but the fun doesn't stop there. You can browse our swing section to pick a Full Bucket Toddler Swing, a High Back Infant Swing, or a Nest Swing to better suit your toddler's needs. These allow even the littlest member of the family to join in the outdoor adventure! Your child will grow as time goes on, of course. You can replace any of the three swings mentioned above with a classic swing that will provide fun for years. When that happens you can also pick from our other exciting options, such as a Disc Swing or Skateboard Swing. These offer a bit more challenge and can easily make a set they’ve enjoyed for years feel brand new! Another great idea would be to pick our Frontier Swing Set. Its larger size is perfect for giving kids the room they need to grow and comes with more advanced features that are both safe and engaging. This set makes becoming a kid easy by gradually introducing them to whole new ways to play.

Put a soft surface underneath your playset 

Kids love to climb, jump, slide, and more. They'll do so with no trouble most of the time, though they're bound to fall here and there. Thankfully, even when accidents do happen there won’t be a problem with the right planning. What does that mean for your set? It means you’ll need to provide a shock-absorbent surface for children to fall on to reduce the chance of injury. Let's take grass, for example. Most parents believe it's the go-to surface to have under a playset, but the dirt beneath it could be too hard for a kid. The best surfaces (and the ones we recommend using) are pea gravel, rubber mulch, sand, wood mulch, and poured in place surfaces. Each one is different and offers families the chance to customize the design of their play area. Regardless of which you pick, they will help your kids stay safe even when the play gets a little rough. 

Do regular maintenance on your playset

It is important to check your equipment as time goes on - and playsets are not any different. We recommend doing yearly inspections to prevent any issues. The best time to perform a thorough check on your playset is the beginning of play season. What do you have to do when checking your playset? Sand rough spots, tighten nuts and bolts, and watch for wear and tear. At the same time, look for broken parts such as ripped netting or canopies and replace them. After that's all finished, check the structural integrity of your playset: make sure it hasn't tilted to the side during the off season or from a big storm if you live along the coast. However, so long as you’ve constructed your set on level ground this shouldn’t be an issue. One of the best things parents who recently bought a playset can do is apply sealant sometime during the first 90 days after their purchase. You should reapply it every two years after that. While all our playsets are designed to strongly resist the elements, adding this extra layer of protection ensures your set will stay looking brand new. You'll have zero trouble with your playset if you follow these recommendations. Remember: do yearly maintenance and apply sealant once every two years. That's all it takes to make sure your kid is safely having fun year-round! Do you have more questions? Check our installation FAQ for more help. 

Make Supervision Easy 

The best way to prevent trouble is to have a parent present. There's nothing that can replace good old supervision, regardless of age. That’s why having a playset right in the backyard is so beneficial to a child’s development. It puts healthy outdoor play in a place that’s easily visible and accessible. Of course, as kids grow, they want to have fun on their own - and you can let that happen! That doesn't mean you won't be watching. Whether they need to wash up or have a quick snack break before the fun starts again, you can ensure they’ll be doing all of that in a safe outdoor environment made specifically for them.

Get the perfect playset 

Get the perfect playset for your kids today!

Safety is an ongoing process: it starts the moment you buy a reliable playset. However, by following the tips and tricks we’ve listed, safety doesn’t have to be a constant worry. You can ensure that no matter if it’s for some after-school fun or an entire weekend of outdoor activity, your kids will be having a blast on a playset that has safety as its main foundation. At Gorilla Playsets, we're more than happy to help you pick the perfect playset and help you throughout the journey. Contact us today!