The Benefits of Outdoor Play During the School Year

The Benefits of Outdoor Play During the School Year

Sep 6th 2023

The digital revolution has changed the way we live and play. For all their benefits, apps and online games have also introduced a whole lot of new challenges.

Where children once spent a good part of every day outdoors playing with friends, they now spend so much of their time staring at a screen, even during school! Social interaction has become less about the human experience and more about tapping a screen. However, there can be no substitute for the wonders of outdoor play. An imaginative outdoor play session, especially on a Gorilla Playset, stimulates your child's development in ways that are unmatched!

A Gorilla cedar play set is the ultimate in outdoor play for kids of all ages. Designed by experts to be a safe and stimulating environment for your kids, our outdoor playground sets will enhance their abilities whilst providing countless hours of exhilarating fun.

A swing set with monkey bars, slides, a climbing rope etc. opens up a plethora of fantastical opportunities for children to explore their unbridled imagination. It promotes healthy exercise, the development of social skills, and so much more. With children going back to school after the summer, this can be a hard reality to maintain. Here we’ll explore the many ways that your child can benefit from healthy play and learning with the right wooden outdoor playset. Plus, we’ll dive into tips for maintaining that healthy outdoor play schedule!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Experts studying childhood development have identified numerous benefits of outdoor play and our wooden playground sets are designed to take full advantage of this.

Your kids will improve their skills and live a healthier life when encouraged to play outdoors. Children who engage in daily outdoor activities have improved self-esteem, confidence, and independence. Problem-solving abilities are improved and they have a greater awareness of boundaries. Perhaps set up a reward system for engaging in time spent outside, or introduce imaginative outdoor playtime as a reward for homework completion.

Numerous physical and mental benefits have been identified in children who play outdoors as part of their daily routine and it’s an important aspect to a healthy development.

Physical Benefits:

  • Fitness, stamina, and agility.
  • Development of large muscle groups.
  • Improved stability and coordination.
  • Improved strength and balance.

Mental Benefits:

  • Expressing themselves naturally, shouting, screaming, and laughing.
  • Encouraging to experiment with new activities.
  • Promoting social skills by engaging with others.
  • Learning to share and consider others.
  • Improving ability to solve problems.
  • Developing imaginative thinking.

Through the course of childhood, children undergo numerous physiological and psychological changes. If they are unable to naturally adapt to these changes, adverse medical conditions may become a problem. Physical exercise is, in many ways a fantastic balance to the exercise of the mind children experience during the school day.

Did you know that through outdoor play, the risk of childhood medical issues can be reduced?

Such as:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

An outdoor playground set is an investment in your child's well-being.

The Perfect Design

Okay, the incredible benefits of playing outdoors basically speak for themselves. The next challenge is finding the best playground set to entice your kids to spend numerous hours on healthy development and unrestricted fun. Every Gorilla Cedar play set is designed to enthrall, entertain, and stimulate young minds. The options are carefully considered to suit every budget and the needs of your kids, regardless of age or personal interests.

No kid can resist the excitement of the swings, slides, tube slides, climbing ropes, rock walls, and a seemingly endless array of fun activities that await. The scope of magical possibilities is surpassed only by the endless imagination of the young mind. Without compromising on your kid's ability to explore, Gorilla’s wooden outdoor playsets, consider their safety as paramount. With our top notch safety features in place, such as interior mounted panel slats and recessed bolts, our belief is that safety comes first with a quality playset.

Take your time perusing our swing set tab of intriguing wooden outdoor playset designs. You'll be amazed by the wonderful features and exciting options.

All Work and No Play...

For any child to live their best life, there needs to be a balance between the importance of academic learning and the stimulation of play.

It's imperative to encourage play throughout the school year. If your kid is burdened with math and literacy with no outlet, they will not perform at their best in school. As parents, we are obliged to encourage our children to live a balanced life and to learn the importance of scheduling time outside for play and recreation. It’s important to treat this time like the outlet that it is!

After spending time outdoors on the playground, children return to their school obligations rejuvenated and enthused. We need to take the initiative by scheduling regular play intervals for our kids. A magical playground set in the backyard is the perfect way to achieve this. With a wooden wonderland of fantasy and play beckoning, it's not an issue getting the kids away from the screens and into the sun.

Imagination & Socialization

When we offer them the opportunity to explore their inner world of magical invention with an outdoor playset designed to foster imaginative thought, the opportunities are endless. Today, your young ones may be buccaneers and pirates challenging the high seas on miraculous adventures, conquering unknown foes. Ey-ey mate!

Tomorrow, they will transform into explorers on a treasure island. Before you know it, they've embarked on a space odyssey adventure, heading where no child has gone before. Jungles inhabited by dinosaurs and any manner of mythical creatures could be the next adventure! There really is no limit to what excitement awaits when you set your child free to explore their imagination and it's so much fun watching them do it. While your kid is immersed in the world of make-believe, they are learning skills and developing their cognitive abilities. A win-win situation, without a doubt. Bonus points if they do this with a friend!

Outdoor play with other children helps your child develop the social skills they will need in later life. They learn to consider the needs of their friends by taking turns on the swings and slides. They are encouraged to help one another with more difficult tasks. By negotiating the various aspects of sharing and cooperating, children acquire conflict resolution skills. They become more socially integrated and capable of handling complex interpersonal situations. In a nutshell, your kid will become all the better for it when encouraged to play with others in this environment.

The Joy of Life

For your children to develop their full potential, they need to lead a balanced life. This means regularly taking time out from the demanding schedule of schoolwork and computer screens.

Anxiety and stress are relieved when a kid is afforded the opportunity to run, jump, and play. It's the natural way that children have learned crucial skills throughout the ages. Something that seems to have been forgotten in recent times.

It's important to establish a daily routine of healthy outdoor play for your kids and a thoughtfully designed outdoor playset is the best way to achieve this. If your child spends time playing with friends and siblings every day, they will learn important social skills, and develop physically. Their physical and mental abilities will improve. Children who explore their imaginations in a fun environment are happier and interact better with others. A happy, well-balanced child is the ultimate goal here!

Investing in a quality wooden playground set is an investment in the well-being of your child. It makes them stronger, both physically and emotionally. When you consider that they are having fun whilst learning and growing, it seems like the most logical way to give your child the greatest gift of all - the ability to take on all the challenges of life with complete confidence. So don’t wait, check out our selection of outdoor playsets today!