Our 2023 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Our 2023 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Nov 10th 2023

Indeed, nothing beats the pure delight in a child's eyes when they unwrap a gift that aligns perfectly with their budding interests. And for many kids, the great outdoors offers boundless wonders and adventures, making for endless fascination.

In this comprehensive holiday gift guide, we will help you make your gift-buying experience easier and more joyful. We understand the importance of outdoor play to children's physical and cognitive development. This is why we are excited to introduce you to an array of fantastic gift ideas that will do just that.

The Gift of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play provides children with a multitude of benefits. It serves as a canvas for learning, where the possibilities are as boundless as the child's imagination. It's a space where friendships are forged, challenges are overcome, and learning takes a vibrant, hands-on form.

When playing outdoors, kiddos learn to engage with their surroundings, enhance their motor skills, and develop an understanding of the natural world. Whether it's climbing a treehouse, racing down a slide, or simply feeling the wind in their hair as they glide and swing, these experiences are invaluable for a child's overall growth.

At Gorilla Playsets, we believe that backyard play equipment is perhaps one of the most meaningful and impactful presents you can offer a child. To make it as engaging and enthralling as possible, you'll want to find custom add-ons and accessories that elevate the outdoor play experience to new heights. Here are some of our suggestions for the perfect gift this year:

Sky Loft

Our first gift idea, the Sky Loft, is quite literally designed to take outdoor play to new heights. Think of it as a crow's nest, a wooden structure that ascends to the top of your playset. It's more than just a lofty perch. You can even enhance it further with a telescope, allowing children to explore the skies and embark on exciting stargazing adventures. The Sky Loft provides an elevated lookout point, inspiring imaginative adventures and giving young explorers a new perspective on their world.

The Sky Loft is crafted from Amber Stained Cedar and includes a range of exciting accessories. It comes with a Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner Panel, a pair of Safety Handles, a telescope with a compass, and two yellow flags.

You can purchase it as a stand-alone add-on for an existing playset or add it when buying a new set. This accessory is compatible with specific roof types on models such as Chateau, Mountaineer, Homestead, Wilderness Gym, Navigator, Frontier, and Pioneer Peak.

Tire Swing Beam

The Tire Swing Beam is not your typical swing accessory. It is a unique streamlined accessory designed to fit onto traditional swing frames. It offers a unique spinning sensation and features a supportive beam that can replace your traditional swings.

Imagine the thrill as children hold tight and whirl through the air, developing balance and coordination in the process. Adding a tire swing to your playset encourages physical activity and provides sensory play experiences that children adore.

This add-on brings a whole new level of fun to your outdoor playtime by introducing the 360 Turbo Tire Swing. It comes complete with all the necessary materials required to seamlessly integrate it into an existing Gorilla Playsets fort structure.

The Tire Swing Beam is specifically designed to attach to a 4x4 corner post, making it a great choice when one side of the fort lacks an existing play activity. If you need to re-position a rope ladder, worry not, as it includes rope ladder conversion lumber to make the adjustment as needed.

The structure features a durable 4x6 main beam and a sturdy 4x4 A-frame, ensuring both stability and safety during play. The highlight of this add-on is the included 360 Turbo Tire Swing, complete with chains, a swivel for smooth spinning, and mounting hardware.

This add-on is highly versatile and fits many Gorilla Playsets swing sets, making it a fantastic addition to a wide range of outdoor play structures. Crafted from Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish, it not only offers hours of twisting and spinning fun but also adds a touch of natural beauty to your play area.

Monkey Bars

Elevate your backyard play area with the Gorilla Playsets Monkey Bars Add-On. Our Monkey Bars accessory is designed for climbing and building upper body strength. It's a classic element of outdoor play that combines fun with fitness. Children love the challenge of swinging from bar to bar, and parents appreciate the growth in strength and coordination it promotes. It's a fantastic addition for active kids who are always looking for new adventures to conquer.

These Monkey Bars are a perfect fit for many Gorilla Playsets, and with the included 4x4 lumber, the setup is a breeze. During installation they attach to the corner posts of a fort structure that has two corner posts up to 70" apart. This ensures that they don't interfere with any existing play zones, providing a seamless and enjoyable play experience for your children.

The Monkey Bars feature robust 4x4 main beams, providing stability and durability for safe and active play. These Monkey Bars are compatible with most 5' deck Gorilla Playsets swing sets, making them a versatile addition to a wide range of outdoor play structures.

Please note that they are not compatible with swing sets featuring a 4' deck, including the Outing swing sets and Five Star swing sets, as well as the Sun Series sets like Sun Valley and Sun Palace.

Wilderness Gym Swing Set

If you're looking for a complete playset package, the Wilderness Gym Swing Set is a top choice. This versatile set combines swings, a slide, and a rock wall, providing endless opportunities for fun and physical activity. And the best part? Many of the add-ons we've discussed, like the Sky Loft, Tire Swing Beam, and Monkey Bars, can seamlessly integrate with this swing set, creating an all-in-one play haven for children.

This expansive and exciting outdoor play structure is designed to provide your children with hours of fun and adventure. With dimensions of 246"W x 180"D x 144"H, this playset provides a spacious and engaging play area.

Key features of the Wilderness Gym Playset include:

  • A 4' x 6' main platform that serves as the central hub for various play activities.
  • A 3' x 3' tower platform that adds an elevated dimension to the playset.
  • The platforms are positioned at a height of 5', providing a sense of adventure and a vantage point for kids.
  • Alpine Wave Slide™: Offers a fast and exciting way to descend from the main platform.
  • Quick Connect Tube Slide: An additional slide for an alternative sliding experience.
  • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope: Encourages physical activity and adventure.
  • Deluxe Rope Ladder: Enhances climbing skills and coordination.
  • Clatter Bridge & Tower: A bridge connecting different parts of the playset for creative exploration. Includes mesh panels.
  • Safe Entry Ladder: The ladder is designed for safe and easy access to the platforms.
  • Belt Swings: Two comfortable swings for swinging fun.
  • Trapeze Swing: A fun and dynamic swing option.
  • Built-in Picnic Table: A space for snacks and activities.
  • Built-In Sandbox Area with Corner Seats: A sandbox area with seating for imaginative play.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel: An interactive panel for games and mind-bending challenges.
  • Steering Wheel: A playful steering wheel to spark imaginative adventures.
  • Play Telescope: An essential tool for young explorers to observe and engage with their surroundings.

With its wide range of features and ample space, the Wilderness Gym Playset offers a diverse and engaging outdoor play experience for children, promoting physical activity, creative play, and adventure in the great outdoors.

Treasure Trove Swing Set

For the ultimate playset adventure, consider the Treasure Trove Swing Set. The Treasure Trove Swing Set is a grand and versatile outdoor play structure that promises hours of entertainment for your children. This all-inclusive playset offers a wide range of activities, including climbing, sliding, and imaginative play. Just like the Wilderness Gym Swing Set, many of the add-ons we discussed earlier are perfect companions for this set. Imagine the joy on children's faces as they explore every nook and cranny of this exciting outdoor world.

These add-ons and accessories are meticulously designed to make outdoor play more exciting, engaging, and beneficial for children. This swing set boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 19'W x 13'H x 27'6"D, providing a spacious and exciting play area in your backyard.

Notable features of the Treasure Trove Swing Set include:

  • A 1st Level Platform measuring 4' x 6' at a height of 5'.
  • A 2nd Level Platform measuring 2.5' x 6' at a height of 7'.
  • An Alpine Wave Slide™.
  • A 7' Turbo Tube Slide™.
  • A Clatter Bridge & Tower.
  • The Clatter Bridge includes mesh panels for added safety.
  • A Rock Wall with a Climbing Rope.
  • A Safe Entry Ladder.
  • A Deluxe Rope Ladder.
  • Two Belt Swings.
  • A Trapeze Swing.
  • A Built-In Picnic Table.
  • A Sandbox Area.
  • A Bonus Sandbox Area under the Tower.
  • A Tic-Tac-Toe Panel.
  • A Steering Wheel.
  • A Play Telescope.
  • A Flag Kit.
  • Safety Handles.
  • Natural Cedar Framing for durability and aesthetic appeal.


While winter might seem like an unusual time to think about outdoor play, it's a perfect opportunity to plan and ensure that your gifts are ready to create unforgettable moments when the warmer months return.

At Gorilla Playsets, we understand the significance of outdoor play in nurturing well-rounded, active, and healthy children. That's why we offer a wide array of outdoor playset accessories designed to enhance the playtime experiences of children. Our playsets are more than just structures; they are gateways to a world of adventure, creativity, and physical activity.

With our playset accessories, we aim to provide children with opportunities to climb, swing, slide, and engage in imaginative play, all while soaking up the fresh air and basking in the wonders of the outdoors. These experiences contribute to not only their physical well-being but also their cognitive growth. When children interact with the world outside, they learn about problem-solving, teamwork, and resourcefulness, all of which are vital life skills.

So, as you embark on your holiday gift-buying journey, consider the immense value of outdoor play and its role in shaping a child's development. Explore Gorilla's wooden outdoor playset accessories, and you'll discover a treasure trove of opportunities to encourage children to venture outdoors, have fun, and experience the many benefits that outdoor play offers. Check out our products here on our website for even more gift inspiration for this holiday season!