Using Our Sand Calculator: How Much Sand Does Your Playset Need?

Using Our Sand Calculator: How Much Sand Does Your Playset Need?

Dec 8th 2023

When creating a play space for your kids, it's essential to prioritize their safety and comfort. Surprisingly, some overlook the fun and simple addition of a sandbox when installing an outdoor play structure. Almost every Gorilla Playset has a built-in box right under the main deck that is perfect space to add a creative zone with sand! Just imagine having fun swinging, sliding, and climbing and then being able to take rest and create something fun in the shade. That's why sand is our favorite choice for this spot, why not add even more fun to your already amazing outdoor playtime? 

Over the years, numerous parents have reached out to Gorilla Playsets seeking advice on how much sand they should use to cover this space under their playsets. To address this concern, we have our handy Sand Calculator! In this article, we'll provide insights on how to utilize our Sand Calculator while offering helpful tips for successfully installing your sand.

Why Sand?

When setting up a playset for kids, it's crucial to have a space in the shade where kids can take breaks from the active nature of playing. While there are options like under trees and inside the house, Gorilla Playsets naturally offers a space for kids to enjoy their playset without having to leave it behind for a rest. Additionally, there is even a picnic table handy for snacking, drawing, reading, coloring and more. A sand box is just an even bigger bonus! Sand naturally provides a cushioned and mutable surface that can act as a safe and creative way to stimulate your child's imagination. Additionally, it poses a minimal risk of causing scrapes or bruises.

Many families prefer using sand under this part of their playset because it is easily accessible, affordable, and requires little maintenance once installed. No matter where you are, finding sand at an affordable price is usually not a problem. Once you properly install the sand, you won't have to worry about it again.

The Gorilla Playsets Sand Calculator: A Handy Tool

Now, let's dive into the details of using the Sand Calculator. At Gorilla Playsets, we prioritize simplicity in our products, which is why we developed an easy-to-use Sand Calculator. Our aim during its development was to eliminate any guesswork when determining how much sand you need for your playset's ground cover without introducing new complications.

Our Sand Calculator tool is designed to utilize the dimensions of your playset and the desired sand coverage depth to offer you a reliable estimate of how much sand you need for your sand box.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Sand Calculator

Now that you understand the basics of our Sand Calculator, here's a step-by-step guide on adequately using this tool.

Step 1: Gather Information

You need to collect the dimension information of your playset ground area to feed the calculator. The dimension information you need will include:

  • The width of the box-like area under your playset (in inches)
  • The depth of this area (in inches)
  • The height/depth of the sandbox board (typically measured in inches)

It's best to use a tape measure to collect this information.

Step 2: Access the Gorilla Playsets Sand Calculator

Visit the Gorilla Playsets website and scroll to the bottom of the Homepage and click on the Customer Care option under the Helpful Info banner. Once the Customer Care page opens, click on the Sand Calculator option. Here's a direct link to Gorilla Playsets' Sand Calculator.

Step 3: Input Your Playset's Information

On the Sand Calculator page, you will see provisions to enter the dimension information you collected in Step 1 into the tool. Ensure you input the dimensions of the playset ground area and the desired sand coverage depth/height into the calculator tool appropriately. You could receive incorrect feedback if you do not enter the correct dimensions.

Step 4: Calculate

Once you enter the dimensions of your desired sand ground cover, the Sand Calculator will automatically process the information to come up with the appropriate recommendation for the amount of sand you need. This amount will be calculated in pounds.

Step 5: Order Your Sand

Using the estimated quantities provided by our Sand Calculator, you can now order your sand from your preferred supplier. Make sure that the sand delivered is dry. Wet sand is often much heavier than dry sand.

Tips for a Successful Sand Installation

Congratulations on getting the right amount of sand for your kids' sand box. However, proper wooden playground installation is necessary to ensure maximum protection and comfort for children. The Gorilla Playsets' approved tips below will enable you to install your sand successfully:

1. Choose High-Quality Play Sand

All sand isn't created equal. It's best you opt for high-quality, non-toxic sand meant for use in play areas. This sand is contaminant-free and meets all other safety standards for use in kids' play areas.

2. Prepare the Area

Prepare the site accordingly before spreading the sand. These preparations should include removing debris like leaves, roots, and rocks from the area and leveling the surface. If you want the sand to be the same level as the rest of your yard, you might have to dig up the site.

3. Use Landscape Fabric (Optional)

Installing landscape fabric on backyard playsets before spreading the sand is best. The landscape fabric will prevent weeds and grass from growing through the sand, improve drainage, and stop the sand from mixing with regular soil. However, if the additional landscape fabric cost is outside your budget, the sand can still do okay without it.

4. Spread the Sand Evenly

Pour the sand and spread it evenly using a shovel or rake. Ensure that the sand coverage is uniform up to the corners and edges of the sand box area. If the sand seems to be a little more than the capacity of the playset areas, don't fret; it will settle appropriately once your kids start playing on it.


As you can see, ensuring your kids have the most fun playing in a safe and comfortable environment is easier than you might have imagined. Firstly, you need a safe playset, like one of the many high-quality playsets we have right here on our Gorilla Playsets website. Now, you can set up a proper sandbox for it. Use our top-class, user-friendly Sand Calculator to find out the precise amount of sand you need. Ensure you follow our installation tips to set up your sand properly. Once done, your kids can have endless fun!

At Gorilla Playsets, our mission is to make playtime for your kids more fun and much safer. This is why we use high-quality components for our playsets and provide reliable resources like our Sand Calculator along with approved installation tips. Our job is to help you create cherished childhood memories for your kids through fun, and safe play that fosters emotional and physical development. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your perfect playset and make use of our amazing sand calculator today!