How to Surprise Your Kids with a New Playset For Christmas

How to Surprise Your Kids with a New Playset For Christmas

Dec 13th 2023

The prospect of keeping such an enormous gift under wraps until the big day may seem daunting. But with thoughtful preparation powered by a vivid imagination, much like the playsets invoke, your stunning top-secret mission ends in triumphant success on Christmas morning.

Here are some creative ideas for concealing, prepping, and ultimately revealing a showstopping Gorilla Playsets wooden swing set, fort, or combo kit as the ultimate Christmas surprise guaranteed to inspire gleeful awe on Christmas morning. Then, the nonstop adventures begin!

Planning the Surprise

Consider a few factors:

When's the best time?

Aim for the big reveal first thing Christmas morning for optimal excitement and an element of shock factor. Imagine sleepy smiles transforming instantly to gaping awe and jubilation as kids exit the backdoor expecting the usual wintry view but instead see a monumental surprise waiting through a fresh blanketing snow!

However, setting up the discovery on Christmas Eve night allows Santa miracles to unfold, building tingling anticipation overnight. Upon awakening, kids race excitedly to glimpse whatever mysteries await them outside! You know best if little ones still embrace the magic and innocence of Santa by leaving cookies or can responsibly keep monumental secrets. Gauge readiness, then choose wisely for maximum surprise thrill.

Enlist install help.

You have two options when it comes to installing your swing set. First, professional installation by Gorilla Playsets! Professional installation by Gorilla Playsets' experts may be limited depending on your region and weather constraints but proves to be a great asset for getting the surprise quickly prepared. However, installation is not guaranteed before Christmas day and may not be easy achieve with the “surprise” element of this plan. The other option is your own DIY installation. We have several resources and helpful guides on installing slides and building your playset yourself including instructions that come with each playset component. Working together as a family to prepare this surprise is sure to be a memorable holiday experience!

Discreetly clear the prepped play zone of all obstacles, measure dimensions exactly to layout specifications, oversee safe setup, then hold your breath, hoping children don't peek outside too soon. Consider wearing silly Santa hats and playing festive music while leveraging teamwork. Creating family memories is the Gorilla Playsets specialty!

Choosing the Perfect Playset

With budget and space determining ideal dimensions plus ages affecting preferred build specs and activities, carefully weigh options to select the perfect new outdoor play equipment as your star Christmas gift. Gorilla Playset's structures range from petite to grand, using solid cedar wood, UV protected durable plastics and other high-quality materials to endure seasons outside filled with thrills! Considerations like having multiple play zones to separate big kids from toddlers or including raised clubhouses for older children to claim as their hideouts help match the right fit.

Kids gain years of enchantment on swing sets and combos built by Gorilla Playsets' specialized craftsmen and women. As the pinnacle backyard destination beckoning kids outdoors for gatherings with friends that build lasting social skills and cooperative play imagination, a wooden backyard playset proves THE quintessential Christmas magic builder.

Preparing the Surprise

With Santa's stealthiest elves working behind the scenes on construction, next conceal the monumental gift securely until Christmas morning's magical reveal.

Creative Camouflage

Given most backyards lack mammoth boxes or festive wrapping paper big enough to blanket a sizable playset, utilize weatherproof tarps fastened down tightly. Choose neutral colors like canvas tan so the shape blends into winter's barren landscapes devoid of vibrant garden blooms. For added secrecy, disrupt the square angles with heaps of gathered fallen branches and pine cones scattered artfully atop. Kids dismiss organic yard debris piles as typical seasonal sights when playing outdoors. You've created DIY "camouflage netting" incognito to roaming little eyes! Shhhhhhhh...

Clues and Scavenger Hunts

Rather than keeping kids completely guessing, sprinkle tempting clues ahead to pique curiosity and build giddy anticipation.

Simple rhyming poem puzzles combined with tiny candies tucked in advent calendars count down the days, fueling imaginations regarding what magic awaits right in their own backyard wonderland.

Place cryptic notes beneath pillows or behind fridge art with silly pictographs depicting things like playground components, sandboxes, and swaying swings. Watch their eyes light up, imagining possibilities but not yet pinpointing the monumental surprise confirmation.

Consider crafting an adventurous scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve with clues directing kids one step closer toward backyard gold, ready for uncontainable reactions by morning's sunrise! You decide if they ultimately peek at the wrapped mystery or retreat back indoors, determined to let Christmas magic unfold. Just have those cameras ready.

Capturing the Moment

When Christmas dawns crisp and bright, position yourself inconspicuously to film initial reactions the second kids step outside and lay eyes on backyard transformations. Capture unfiltered facial expressions, listen for unrestrained belly laughs, and delight in siblings whooping and hollering with glee, seeing personal wonderlands dedicated just to them! Relive the contagious joyful responses again and again.

While photos and videos provide tangible proof of milestone moments to share as traditions build, remain mindfully present rather than seeing special moments only through your lens. Soak up children's awe like a soothing balm soothing your soul. Imprint the feeling of this pinnacle memory into your family's narrative forever. Mindfully take it together and watch imaginations unfold into magical realms every time kids play.

Enjoying Outdoor Play

Once the wrapping paper shreds settle, welcome the kids into a world crafted just for them! This thoughtfully designed backyard playset opens gateways encouraging child-led adventures far from digital distractions. Slides, climbing walls, and monkey bars inspire friendly climactic challenges and races, while "secret spy" clubhouses, periscopes, and steering wheels kindle collaborative storytelling.

Outdoor play satiates innate curiosity, fueling cognitive growth across physical literacy, intellectual reasoning, and emotional connections. Kids gain confidence trying new skills as fresh air fills their lungs. Muscles stretch, coordination refines, and self-regulation improves with practice. Bonding time strengthens familial ties that support children's futures immeasurably. Unscripted play proves essential for holistic health and development.

So bundle up, then head out to their new winter wonderland filled with exhilaration! Create festive snow angels, then cuddle together, sipping hot chocolate as kids tire out with rosy wind-nipped grins. Laugh wholeheartedly, making the kinds of unforgettable memories lasting longer than any toy. A wooden backyard playset sets the scene for precious family moments together 365 days a year.

With thoughtful planning guided by our secrets to maintaining the element of surprise until Christmas morning magic erupts, you'll witness priceless reactions as beloved children discover their dream playset reality. Building responsible spatial awareness and physical prowess, climbing rungs towards the sky, or constructing motor skills peddling across sloping bridges, Gorilla Playsets multi-level structures encourage endless adventures outdoors away from tech temptations. Kids gain confidence by trying new feats bolstered by fresh air and open skies. Imaginations grow-friendships bond. Consider your new outdoor play equipment a focal point for well-being, nostalgia, and family traditions just getting started. Discover the adventure awaiting right here on our website!