Guide to Winterizing Your Wooden Playset

Guide to Winterizing Your Wooden Playset

Nov 30th 2023

As crisp autumn air gives way to winter, parents start bundling up kids in preparation for inevitable cabin fever. But outdoor play shouldn't end just because there's a chill in the air. Embracing the fresh air provides ample health benefits for children and adults alike. However, properly prepping your wooden playground set for harsh weather is crucial. Taking a few preventative steps now ensures your Gorilla Playsets swing set remains sturdy, safe and usable all season long while withstanding precipitation, heavy winds, and frigid temperatures.

The premium cedar lumber used in Gorilla Playsets' wooden swing sets is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. But a little extra protection goes a long way when it comes to facing the elements head-on. Follow our winterizing tips to fully ready your children's wooden swing set for this beautiful time of year.

Tips for Winterizing Your Wooden Playset

Transforming your wooden playground set into a winter fortress is easy with this checklist:

  • Thoroughly clean the entire playset to prevent future wood staining, rot development, and mildew buildup. Use a kid-safe wood cleaner and mild detergent with warm water. Pay special attention to high-traffic spots like slide exits, swing seats, ladder rungs, and climbing walls.
  • Inspect all moving parts like swings, gliders, and climbing features for wear and replace faulty hardware like chains, bolts, hangers, or anchor hooks as needed. Tighten any loose connectors that could vibrate loose over time.
  • Remove smaller plastic accessories like steering wheels, telephones, and periscopes to prevent cracking and damage from freezing temperatures. Store safely indoors until spring.
  • Apply protective sealants and kid-safe wood stains to the premium cedar framing lumber used in Gorilla Playsets' childrens wooden swing set designs. This adds a shield from precipitation and UV rays, which can degrade lumber over time.
  • Use weather-resistant polymer, nylon, or vinyl canopy covers and durable poly tarps secured tightly with strong rope and grommets to prevent accumulation of snow, ice, and puddles on the roof.

Can You Use a Playset in the Colder Months?

You may be tempted to stash away that trusted wooden playground set over the winter, but there are plentiful reasons to put your Gorilla Playsets swing set to use once old Jack Frost rolls around. Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean outdoor play has to grind to a halt. Embracing the chill encourages kids to stay active during the colder months when the temptation strikes to stay curled by the fire with mugs of steaming hot cocoa topped with a heaping mound of melting marshmallows.

Encouraging outdoor play stimulates growing minds and sparks creativity regardless of weather conditions. Rain, snow, or sunshine, kids need to let their imaginations run rampant.

If the children's wooden swing set itself is prepped for colder weather and continual maintenance checks are conducted, there's no reason to confine kids inside.

So, bundle up the little ones and watch their endless energy and enthusiasm unleash as they design epic snow forts, conquer the monkey bars with mittens, or glide down the slide.

Why You Should Use Your Playset During Winter

Using your outdoor playset once temperatures start dipping into icy territory is wise. But there are ample reasons to put your wooden swing sets to good use in the chilly months:

  • Outdoor play encourages kids to stay active and fit during the winter when mellowing out indoors with screens or sweets seems tempting. Climbing, crawling through tunnels, swinging, and sliding through the fresh air is wonderful exercise.
  • Transforming your playset into a snowy backdrop adds excitement, adventure, and variety to lackluster winter days that seem to blend monotonously together.
  • Free, unstructured play stimulates growing minds and sparks creativity no matter the weather conditions. Children benefit physically, emotionally, and intellectually from outdoor adventures that let imaginations guide the way.
  • Kids sleep better after active days frolicking outside and breathing fresh air. Researchers suggest outdoor play significantly boosts immunity, too.

The physical and mental health benefits are endless. Don't deprive kids the chance to construct snow forts, make snow angels, conquer playground equipment, and sled at their own delight simply because there's a bit of a nip in the air. Kids innately love romping around outside and exploring environments. Frigid temperatures call for extra diligence to safety, but parents can take precautions to ensure carefree fun.

Staying Safe During the Winter Fun

While outdoor play in wintry conditions brings plentiful joy, parents must take special steps to avoid preventable hazards on playgrounds:

  • Assess weather conditions before allowing outdoor play. Use good judgment and avoid dangerously frigid temperatures or impending storms that can produce slick ice suddenly.
  • Clear snow thoroughly from playground surfaces and inspect equipment for slipping dangers or damage from heavy snow. Look for broken parts, too, like cracked wood or loose bolts. Conduct repairs immediately or block access.
  • Ensure kids wear fully protective winter gear like hooded jackets, waterproof snow bibs or snowsuits, insulated waterproof boots, hats, insulated gloves, and scarves. Choose bright colors for visibility.
  • Say no to long, dangling scarves or any clothing with strings that risk strangulation or entanglement on equipment.

Shop Gorilla Playsets For Ultimate Winter Playtime

When it comes to swing sets built for withstanding intense seasonal weather, Gorilla Playsets checks all the boxes. Our premium wooden playground sets and play structures are artfully constructed from 100% high-quality Cedar lumber responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forestry operators in the northern United States. The naturally resilient wood stands up to heavy use, foot traffic, precipitation, humidity, and temperature fluctuations without developing splits, cracks, mold, or decay over decades of play.

Custom-engineered brackets, durable metal powder-coated swing chains, hardware, and reinforced polymer plastic components like KidKraft slides withstand harsh winter elements. We incorporate safety into every playset design with fully enclosed bolt connections to prevent snags, finger pinches, or clothing catches, plus rounded corners and edges for added protection.

Discover our line of wooden swing sets delivering endless fun while giving parents peace of mind both during snow days and sunny summer afternoons! Kids can enjoy countless adventures on Gorilla Playset's versatile playground equipment no matter the forecast.


With proper planning, winter weather doesn't have to derail a playground. In fact, seasonal fluctuations provide kids with refreshing variety and challenges compared to sunny summer days, allowing imaginations and muscles to stretch freely without weather limitations. Preparing your wooden playground set properly for winter is crucial, though, to ensure safety, prevent future repairs, and maximize enjoyment into the iconic snowy months and beyond. Check out our playsets today to enjoy that playset all year long!