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Assembly FAQ

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Q: Where are my torque washers? A: The torque washers are located in the same box as your slide. They are not in the same box as the rest of the hardware.

Q: I still can't find my torque washers - what do I do? A: The torque washers can be replaced with 1/2" washers. See the question about the carriage bolts spinning to avoid any further problems.

Q: Why are the hex bolts sticking out about an inch after I tighten them? A: You have the t-nut on the wrong side of the post. The t-nuts should be installed on the opposite side of the post that you are mounting your 2x4, 2x6, etc.

Q: What are these strange washers that don't show up in my instructions? A: These are torque washers. If they do not show up in your instructions, you have been given an outdated set of instructions. Get the latest copy here.

Q: The fort supports don't install properly on my unit - what's wrong? (Sundance/Climbabout only) A: During our manufacturing process we may have improperly labeled the inner and outer fort supports. Try switching the boards so that the board labeled 'inner fort support' is on the outside, and vice-versa.

Q: There aren't any pre-drilled holes in my corner posts for the other bolt. Is this a manufacturing error? A: Our 2x6 material generally has two offset holes on each end that mount to the corner posts. One hole will line up with a pre-drilled pilot hole, while the other is fastened with a self-tapping lag screw. In the beginning stages of assembly, the lag screws will not be placed on the unit until after the main frame of the unit is assembled. (Usually within the first 7-8 steps, depending our your unit)

Q: The carriage bolts are spinning when I try to install them. What do I do? A: Hold the round head of the carriage bolt with locking pliers (vise grips) while tightening the lock nut. You will need to use an excessive amount of force on the head of the bolt to keep the pliers from slipping.

Q: My carriage bolts will not fit in the torque washer. Am I doing something wrong? A: The torque washers were designed to have a tight fit. Place the torque washer/carriage bolt assembly in the location desired and use a hammer to set. If the torque washer still won't set, try using a couple of different ones, as each one has a slightly different tolerance. If after several tries the bolt still won't fit, substitute the torque washer for a 1/2" washer. See the question regarding spinning carriage bolts to avoid any further problems.

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