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Swing Set Accessories

Take your outdoor play experience up a notch with our wide selection of swing set accessories! Every kid loves spending quality time outdoors on their favorite play set. So why not personalize it by adding an extra special touch?

Breathe New Life Into Any Set!

Having the right swing set accessories can go a long way in transforming your typical set into something magical all while promoting imagination and learning! Whether your kid is a swashbuckling pirate exploring the high seas, the next sports star, or is a mathematical genius, we have everything they need to let their imagination run wild!

Swing Set Accessories for Camping Enthusiasts - For kids who are enjoying camping, you can accessorize your playgrounds with a canopy accent, flag kit, megaphone, kaleidoscope, a telescope with compass, dinner bell, binoculars, or a periscope. These accessories will give your camping-themed playground a more realistic edge.

Wooden Swing Set Accessories for a More Active Kid - Some kids prefer more active playgrounds where they can climb walls and play other outdoor sports. If your kids are like them, you can add rock wall rocks, a punching ball, a punching bag, or a basketball hoop for active playing.

Playtime With Friends – Playtime is always more fun if it’s with a friend. Thankfully, we have loads of accessories designed with cooperation in mind. No matter if it’s the sandbox tool kit for creativity, the tic tac toe panel for fun problem solving, or with chalkboard to be more artsy, all of them are great ways for kids to work together while having a blast.

Practical Accessories Are a Must - Have an evening barbecue night at your residence? Get your kids busy by playing on the playground while preparing al fresco dining. Why not add solar wall lights and a solar spotlight as part of your wooden swing set accessories? Get these solar lights installed on the bars of swing set seats to keep an eye on your kids while playing during nighttime, or you can choose a warm white set for a dimmer light. These are easy to install and do not need any wires for charging.

When playtime is over a wooden toy chest beside the swing set seats can be added to keep other toys after playing. If you have only one kid to play with on the playground, it can also be personalized with a stylish name board.

Playsets are meant to be exciting. So go the extra mile by fitting your set with these creative accessories! With everything we offer you are sure to discover a new favorite.